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Regional Bikur Cholim provides a wide range of services to the ill across the Greater New York area, with an emphasis on also caring for the needs of the patient’s family. Our full spectrum of services includes patient advocacy; hot meals for the patient and, when necessary, the patient’s family; housekeeping, babysitting and tutoring assistance to ensure the home continues to function smoothly; and financial assistance to ensure the best treatment is available to everyone.

We also have special departments to deal with the unique needs of cancer patients, senior citizens and expectant mothers, among others. Our Emotional Health division maintains a specially trained staff who are in constant contact with doctors and therapists. They guide patients through the often bewildering process with sensitivity and utmost care for the dignity and privacy of the patient and family.

Heal-A-Thon Campaign 2016

This year’s Heal-A-Thon Campaign is dedicating toward raising money to rescue 750 children of dysfunctional families. Unfortunately, there are many families right in our community that suffer from divorce, emotional illness or other problems that undermine the stability of the children.

Our Family Crisis Intervention department offers many services to deal with families undergoing temporary or long-term disruptions, but we are currently overwhelmed by the demand. Your support will allow us to provide the children of these homes with critical services, including professional counseling, at-home and in-school assistance, and fostering when necessary.

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